Ten Ideas for Autumn Enjoyment


  1. These Boots Are Made for Walking – Hikers and backpackers find this to be the perfect time of year for planning an outdoor adventure. Even couch potatoes venture outside during this time of year!  It’s impossible to resist the cool weather and beauty that can be found in nature during the month of October.   Use your weekends wisely and enjoy every magical moment while it lasts. 
  2. Fire in the Hole – Lower evening temperatures inspire backyard campfires with friends and family. There’s something so soothing and cozy about sitting around a crackling campfire at the end of the night, chatting with great company.  Grab your favorite brew and a comfortable chair and you’re good to go!
  3. An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away – Visiting an apple orchard is a yearly tradition that most people (especially in New England) really look forward to. There is a certain excitement and satisfaction that comes from walking among tree lined paths to pick crisp, tart (or sweet!) apples of your choosing.  If you’re lucky, the orchard will also offer plump pumpkins to pick, hot spicy cider to sample and fresh, hot doughnuts to buy.   All the activity and deliciousness you ever wanted in one afternoon.
  4. Boo-tify Your Home - Decorating for Halloween can be freaky and fun! Enlist your kids (and possibly Pinterest) for scary suggestions on how to transform your home and yard into a haunting Halloween adventure.  What could be more fun than digging graves, grouping ghosts and creating computer generated corpses to thrill Trick or Treaters?
  5. Kiss the Cook - Certain smells always remind us of October - baked apple crisp, pumpkin pie, cinnamon bread, succulent soups and roasted potatoes make our mouths water. Tie an apron around your torso, turn the oven on and tantalize your family with spicy, savory and sweet fall recipes.
  6. Bury Me In Blankets – Shut off your phone and snuggle up under the blankets with someone you love! Add a mug of hot chocolate, freshly made popcorn and a movie and you’ve got yourself an awesome autumn date night at home!
  7. Wrap Me Up in Your Love – It’s finally time to break out your favorite fall jacket. You know the one I mean.  The one that goes perfectly with any outfit you have, but is only comfortable in cooler weather.   Suit up and strut your sexy self while the season lasts.
  8. Run Like the Wind – This is the absolutely best time for running outdoors. The cool breezes and brilliant trees make a beautiful backdrop while you get your invigorating exercise.   Take your pet along with you and it’s a two-for-one treat!
  9. Let’s Give Them Pumpkin to Talk About - It’s Pumpkin EVERYTHING! For those of us who have a pumpkin palette, we are in heaven at this time of year.  Procure as many pumpkin products as you can…cookies, breads, bisque, lattes and, most importantly, pumpkin pies!   Praise the Pumpkin Gourds!
  10. Don’t Leaf It Alone – Scarlet maples, orange beeches, russet oaks and golden ash leaves are just a few of the inspirations for autumn leaf peeping.  You won’t regret the decision to bask in these breathtaking sights.  You only need reliable transportation, fun friends and your phone (or, if you’re old school, a competent camera). Take advantage of the fantastic foliage before the trees start trembling!

As you can see, there are no lack of fantastic fall features.  Finding the right route for you is your only responsibility.  In a pinch, just pack your car with healthy provisions, water and a warm jacket – you’ll be all set for a superb sunset expedition.   Enjoy the Season, Autumn Admirers!



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