Getaway and Soak up Some Sun


Feeling the itch to getaway to a nice warm beach? We are right there with you! This list, from Men’s Journal, could be some awesome inspiration for you to find the perfect spot with everything you want/need on your vacation from the cold. Personally, #2 caught our attention just from the caption of “All you need is a hammock”. I mean, come on, who doesn’t enjoy relaxing on a hammock?! Especially when said hammock is located in a tropical paradise, surrounded by the ocean… Sign us up! You guys need to check out this list!

If you can’t escape quite yet, you can still getaway with the awesome smell of our Coconut Beard Oil. It won’t transport your body to the beach, but it will definitely help to put you in the easy, breezy state of mind. Follow the link below!

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