What, you may be wondering, is Beardscaping?

The Urban Dictionary defines the term beardscape as “the act of keeping ones awesome beard neat, tidy, glorious, full of greatness that the Gods Odin, Zeus and Thor would tremble in its epicness”.

Pretty specific, huh?  And, to be honest, what man doesn’t want to be described as an Epic God?

At Simply Great Beard Oil, we think of beardscaping as an art form.  Just as you might take care of the lawn outside your home with landscaping, you would use similar techniques to take care of your beard – replacing the lawnmower, pruning shears and fertilizer with a trimmer, scissors and beard balm!

Spring is the perfect time to start cultivating this art form.

And, luckily, we have a quick and easy outline to get you on track:

BEARDSCAPING 101 (according to Simply Great Beard Oil)

  1. Enter the bathroom, take off your shirt (rawr!) and turn on your favorite tunes.
  2. Grab a clean towel, scissors, razor, trimmer and Simply Great Beardscaping Bundle (wood comb, beard wash, shave oil and beard balm).
  3. Start off by inspecting your beard and deciding what you want to do with it. Maybe you want to try trimming it shorter?  Shaping it differently?  Have a definite idea of what you are aiming for before the beardscaping begins. (This infographic might inspire you:
  4. Comb your beard all over with a light hand (with the grain), untangling beard hairs when necessary.
  5. First step, use the trimmer to reduce and shape your beard into the perfect new look. Begin with the sides, move to the neckline, clean up the cheek area and then end with your moustache area – especially around the top and sides of your mouth.
  6. If desired, apply some shave oil to the cheek and/or neck area for creating a very defined look.
  7. Second step, use the scissors to make any necessary fine adjustments to the shape and get rid of all stray, weird hairs.
  8. When you are satisfied with the look of your beard, wet your beard with warm water, pour a nickel sized amount of beard wash into your palm and rub the wash gently into your beard – paying special attention to the thicker areas of hair. Rinse thoroughly.  Pat dry.
  9. Apply the beard balm by scraping some balm out of the tin, warm between your fingertips and smooth through your beard hairs. This balm has a great medium hold, so take advantage of styling here.
  10. Stand back and enjoy the view!

Prepare yourself for appreciative looks and downright admiring stares as you transform yourself into an Epic Beard God!

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